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Internet Exchange

Bringing high returns for your business with efficient internet exchange

Gateway Gulf offers the only 100% carrier-neutral Internet Exchange Point (IXP) and data center in the region. We combine network-rich interconnection services and secure co-location services by integrating it in our internet exchanges.

What this means for your business?

Simply, you get OPEN MARKET price advantages while enjoying the stability and flexibility of multiple carriers transmitting your data with the lowest latencies.

Even more, our carrier-neutral Internet Exchange uses intelligent “peering” where companies can share bandwidth for maximum efficiency. You can send more data at a more reduced cost.


What We Offer

  • Public/private peering

  • Bandwidth marketplace

  • Internet transit

  • Co-location

Delivering reliable IXP

  • Fully redundant switching and routing infrastructure from multiple vendors

  • Connections using high-speed Ethernet links

  • Platforms designed to scale to terabits of traffic

Designed for gamers

With latency at its lowest, we can host gaming competitions on the cloud on a subscription basis.

Through our Internet Exchange, we’re able to provide efficient and cost-effective services that aggregate companies on a single platform so Internet traffic can have direct access to destination networks across the globe.

Enjoy the advantages of a “Neutral” Internet Exchange

  • Faster data transmission

    IXPs reduce the “Hops’ that servers make in delivering data to its final destination. Through peering, we can minimize delays and in turn, create greater value to the users in the region, including your business.

  • Reduce bandwidth strain

    Applications, while convenient for streamlining businesses operations, can be bandwidth-intensive. Minimize the strain on your bandwidth and ensure efficient and optimum performance of your network through Internet Exchange.

  • Gain an extra layer of security

    The added connectivity offered by other members in the Internet Exchange is a good insurance against failures of a single provider.

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