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Gateway Gulf at iTech Gulf 2014

Gateway to Success

MANAMA: A project expected to increase Bahrain's access to the worldwide web and bring down Internet prices was announced yesterday by the country's telecom watchdog.

It involves laying an 18km transmission network of cables and ducts from Salmaniya to the King Fahad Causeway, allowing Bahraini company Gateway Gulf to tap into the Saudi cyber network.

Telecommunications Regula-tory Authority (TRA) general director Alan Horne revealed it was being done in conjunction with Zain Bahrain and the Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC) - the third mobile company to be awarded a mobile licence in Bahrain.

It means Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Bahrain now have another option.

"We are tremendously excited with what has been announced as one of the TRA's highest priorities is to increase the international capacity on and off the island," Mr Horne told the GDN yesterday.

The project will cost $3 million.

"This not only supports Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030, but also provides competitive access and increases to a certain extent diversity of the Internet product in the Kingdom.

Gateway Gulf leads Consortium to Expand Internet Connectivity in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Introduction and Background

The current access to international connectivity in Bahrain is very limited; the only means to obtain it is through the incumbent company and this place a challenge in terms of pricing, reliability and redundancy.

The Government of Bahrain has strategically opened up the Telecommunications corridor to other Operators who wish to extend fiber, with the vision of breaking monopolies and allowing for a vibrant and diverse Telecommunications sector. This forward movement allows for fiber to be extended from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Kingdom of Bahrain, bypassing the legacy monopoly of the incumbent operator.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain is encouraging Joint Projects amongst Operators that have similar strategic projects; and achieving International connectivity is definitely a top priority for most of Bahraini Operators.

Gateway Gulf was the first entity to win the permit from the Government of Bahrain to lay new, neutral fiber from the King Fahd Causeway to its neutral facility in Bahrain; but now Zain Bahrain and STC Bahrain have join efforts with Gateway Gulf in its initiative to lay new fiber.

Never before in Bahrain a group of Operators have come together to achieve a common goal, and we are hoping to set the precedent for future collaboration amongst Operators.

Bahrain Tribune: Microsoft Endorses Gateway Gulf

From the Bahrain Tribune:

Microsoft Endorses Gateway Gulf as Software and Service Provider

Gateway Gulf to provide software service to end users

Miguel Dainesi, Regional Director for Gateway Gulf.

Gateway Gulf continues its surge in the Bahraini market signing yet another lucrative contract with the giant global brand Microsoft. Microsoft sealed the deal endorsing a Services Provider Licenses Agreement (SPLA), selecting the internationally competitive technology and network solutions company, to be the providers of software as a service to business end users.

Gateway Gulf was launched with the vision of challenging the level of data and network solution providers throughout the region, and set the benchmark in terms of progress, quality and efficiency. The company provides exceptionally high speed and high tech services, as well as unrivaled security technologies, in addition to many other applicable elements that enhance both the network quality and reliability.

These systems are more and more appealing to the need of the corporate world for efficient client networks, a consistent internet access, as well as the utmost levels of secure storage of software and information.

Gateway Gulf showcases its facilities

Gateway Gulf, one of the most hi-tech and internationally competitive technology solutions companies in the region, recently showcased its Business Platform Centre in Bahrain to the local media.

The Data Centre, located in Salmaniya, offers a suite of solutions that build on the benefits of Gateway Gulf’s network. The solutions include: Co-location, managed services, carrier neutral internet exchange, teleport and all-in-one facility.

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Gateway Gulf opens cyber access to world

(Gulf Weekly (Bahrain) Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) A UNIQUE teleport and data processing service has been launched in the kingdom which aims to open up cyber access to the rest of the world via independent internet provision. Three years in the planning and construction, Gateway Gulf is operating out of a brand new, state-of-the-art network operations centre in Manama where it offers teleport - satellite communication beaming data through space - facilities connecting Africa and the Middle and Near East regions with each other and the rest of the world. And it is part of a consortium of six companies, backed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, which are working to build a new internet connection fibre outside the kingdom.

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TRA visits Gateway Gulf Tier 4 data center

Gateway Gulf's recently launched Business Platform centre was visited by members of The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

Gateway Gulf and TRA have a shared long term vision of enhancing the level of operations of networking and other IT related services throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain, namely in terms of efficiency and reliability of products and services. The meeting proved to be a highly beneficial introduction for both parties.

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Gateway Gulf Meets with TRA to Discuss Business Centre

Bahrain Tribune: Kalaam, Gateway offer unrivaled network and system reliability

See attached article from Bahrain Tribune, May 18, 2009.