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Telecom Services

improve efficiency, meet your customer demands

At Gateway Gulf, we understand that your business has no room for mistakes, disruptions or delays. Our service commitment reflects this reality, and this is why we offer only top notch and reliable services and solutions designed to meet your business needs and optimize efficiency and performance.

High quality IT infrastructure at reduced cost

IT infrastructure is one of the biggest investments of modern businesses. There are many costs factors to consider, from hardware, software, personnel and regular updates and licenses. There is also the complexity involved in setting up a structure that is designed to meet your exact business needs.

Reduce the cost and avoid the complexity by outsourcing your IT infrastructure to Gateway Gulf while at the same time taking advantage of a high class, reliable and highly secure service. We maintain Tier-IV levels of service to deliver robust performance, as well as enable new services through scalable computing, storage and connectivity offerings. In return, you free your time to focus on meeting the core demands of your business.

Privacy and Security

IT infrastructure is also the most vulnerable to risks and threats, which can spell big losses for your business. In fact, one of the main concerns is business continuity since companies nowadays rely fully on their IT infrastructure to run their operations. If the system becomes unavailable due to an attack, an emergency or even a natural disaster incident, operations may be impaired, halted or stopped completely.

A reliable system backed up with an intelligent and highly qualified team is therefore a primary requirement, and a data center should offer a secure environment with mechanisms and measures in place to prevent, combat and minimize impacts of a data breach. This is accomplished through unconventional measures that include are are not limited to highly specialized cyber security teams, our dedicated tools, platformas and redundancy of fiber optic cables and power including emergency back-up power generation. Gateway Gulf offers a facility that has been purposed designed and built following the highest international standards for networking and physical security..

A host of solutions to meet your needs

We catalyze business growth through solutions and services to help you increase your revenue model.

We offer infrastructure as a service (IAAS and managed services to help you cut down on cost and secure your data.

You can also avail of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) as an added service, which offers a secure location in the event of a disaster or major incident so you can continue your business operations and protect both your brand and your customers.