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Electronic Government Program

Better governance with enhanced connectivity

Governments are one of the key social sectors to benefit from today’s advanced technology and breakthroughs with digital connectivity. In fact, governments are both producers and users of large volumes of data shared and exchanged on multiple platforms and across space and time.

Data centers handle expansive data that are critical to in order for governments to function optimally – from delivering basic state services to safeguarding national security.

A reliable network that allows for ensured connectivity no matter what time of the day, and more importantly one that offers the highest quality when it comes to security and privacy are paramount. Data breaches may not only mean compromising the accessibility and availability of state services, but it can also put an entire country at great risk.

Our Electronic Government Program offers solutions and services designed to enable governments to harness and maximize connectivity to improve delivery of services while ensuring airtight security against cyberthreats and similar attacks.

Disaster relief without delay

Disaster management is one of the vital tasks of governments, and which benefits largely from advanced technology. Governments are not expected to have disaster mitigation plans in place, but more importantly to be able to deploy relief and assistance the soonest time possible once a disaster or calamity strikes.

Our team at Gateway Gulf have developed a range of mission approved ICT and security solutions designed to help governments respond readily in the event of disasters and calamities.

  • Ready stock VSAT terminals

  • LMR dispatch equipment

  • Smartcard-based portable units for aid distribution

Optimize performance

Gateway Gulf is your partner in ensuring robust performance and uncompromising security. Not only do we offer you a way to reduce the cost and burden of IT infrastructure management, but we also help you devise ways to deliver better services to the larger public.