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Deliver world-class educational support services

Education is another sector that has benefited greatly from the rewards of digital technology. Next to business and the sciences, education has made leaps and bounds as a result of the breakthroughs in technology.

A modern educational organization is one that knows how to harness and expertly manage information. Gateway Gulf offers your organization the digital solutions based on the PAAS and SAAS model that can connect your students and schools with the latest technology and enable you to focus on the business of education.

Learning at one’s fingertips

Remote education is a major educational innovation made possible by digital technology. Offering learners a blend of traditional and online learning, it has made access to education conveniently available anytime, anywhere, using any device as long as one is connected.

Our educational gateway offers a blend of features and advantages for educational practitioners and learners alike.

  • Better presentation of learning resources

  • Greater opportunities to introduce up-to-date information

  • Increased range of active learning activities

  • Improved accessibility of learning materials

  • More opportunities to obtain support, get feedback and work collectively with peers

Student tracking like no other

Security and comfort are important prerequisites to creating an environment that is conducive and open to learning. With students spending nearly a full day in school, it is as much a home as it is a place for learning.

Ensuring the security of the school premises is therefore a primary issue every administrator has to content with every day. Gateway Gulf offers the solution that can go a long way to easing the worries of teachers, administrator and parents alike.

Our student tracking solution offers:

  • School bus tracking

  • Smart student identification

  • Manifest of all pupil on the buses to schools and other events

  • Web-based reporting

  • Automatic SMS/email alert when student reaches/leaves school

  • Alert on absent

  • Real-time tracking

Designed to improve child safety and security, the system offers fully integrated solutions that can put at ease the minds of parents who trust the everyday activities of their children to your school, while ensuring that you and your team continue to deliver a great learning experience.