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Broadcast and Media

Provide uninterrupted entertainment

In the field of broadcast and entertainment, bandwidth is golden. From gaming to audio and movie streaming, bandwidth demands grow by the hour and you need to keep up if you want to maintain excellent service and keep your audience growing and smiling. You need a solution that can deliver hours and hours of uninterrupted connectivity and entertainment to your audience.

Our team at Gateway Gulf can work with you so you can continue to bring innovative and entertaining content to your audience 24/7 with an infrastructure that is 100% solid and flexible. Multimedia advances have given us the opportunity to deliver better multimedia solutions.

  • Infrastructure services for improved experience

  • Local and regional content development

  • Global delivery

  • Film and video

  • Music

  • Animation

A network infrastructure that delivers reliable connectivity

Distribution has become equally important as content in the world of media and entertainment given the ever-expanding services available from YouTube to Netflix to Video-on-Demand. Your audience expects to be able to access your content anytime, anywhere, wherever they may be.

A reliable network infrastructure that delivers exactly as your audience demands is critical.


  • Content delivered NOW

    Deliver content as demanded. With viewers expecting content to begin immediately, your network infrastructure should be able to offer the necessary speed to enable content to travel further and across routes.

  • Smooth, seamless connectivity

    Video is a major consumer of bandwidth, and freezing, jerky or interrupted connections are major no-no’s if you want to keep your audience entertained. Connectivity should be seamless, sufficient and high performing.

  • Consistent quality

    Audiences access content on varied, multiple devices – from PCs and laptops to smart TVs and tablets. Viewing experience should be same across every device, and this requires consistent quality through a stable network.

  • Availability

    A data center that offers multiple connections with contingencies and backups is vital in ensuring connectivity, which in turn translates to happy and satisfied audience. A failure at the source can impact content delivery, and interconnected data centers can improve network reliability and stability.