Company Profile

Breaking the mold of IT services providers

Say goodbye to technical limitations, erratic service and expensive contracts. Gateway Gulf takes a fresh approach to the IT infrastructure model by combining state-of-the-art facilities with an experienced managed services team to ensure your systems are reliable and secure. Mission critical facilities house the infrastructure and equipment needed to provide its integrated set of offerings, which includes a carrier-neutral Tier I Internet Exchange, Tier III/IV Data Centers, Teleport (Satellite Farm) and Managed Services offerings. The company aims to bring the revolutionary benefits of connectivity enjoyed by the developed world to emerging markets. It addresses the high price of connectivity by approaching its markets with a unique carrier-neutral Internet Exchange solution, emphasizing open access and peering‚ agreements for all customers. A suite of solutions that build on the benefits of Gateway Gulf's network provide value to its customers through its one-stop, carrier neutral IXP, teleport, collocation and managed services facilities. By allowing interconnection among heterogeneous networks, hosting business data and multimedia content, providing integrated Satellite Broadcast and VSAT services, Gateway Gulf will enable businesses, ISPs, telecom operators, governments and content providers to participate on a common data processing platform and enable business growth.