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Gateway Gulf at iTech Gulf 2014

Gateway Gulf leads Consortium to Expand Internet Connectivity in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Introduction and Background

The current access to international connectivity in Bahrain is very limited; the only means to obtain it is through the incumbent company and this place a challenge in terms of pricing, reliability and redundancy.

The Government of Bahrain has strategically opened up the Telecommunications corridor to other Operators who wish to extend fiber, with the vision of breaking monopolies and allowing for a vibrant and diverse Telecommunications sector. This forward movement allows for fiber to be extended from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Kingdom of Bahrain, bypassing the legacy monopoly of the incumbent operator.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain is encouraging Joint Projects amongst Operators that have similar strategic projects; and achieving International connectivity is definitely a top priority for most of Bahraini Operators.

Gateway Gulf was the first entity to win the permit from the Government of Bahrain to lay new, neutral fiber from the King Fahd Causeway to its neutral facility in Bahrain; but now Zain Bahrain and STC Bahrain have join efforts with Gateway Gulf in its initiative to lay new fiber.

Never before in Bahrain a group of Operators have come together to achieve a common goal, and we are hoping to set the precedent for future collaboration amongst Operators.


Kalaam Telecom and Gateway Gulf offer unrivalled network and system reliability.
Nezar Al Saie, Kalaam Telecom's Managing Director, today announced the signing of a strategic alliance between Kalaam Telecom and Gateway Gulf. Under the terms of the agreement both companies will offer Financial and Corporate customers the highest level of network and systems reliability available in Bahrain.

Kalaam Telecom is one of the only operators in Bahrain to offer both diverse and redundant links on the last mile connectivity. Diverse and redundant links ensure a highly efficient level of routing, which is a mechanism to safeguard system against any flaws or delays through a high level of frequency, and therefore efficiency creating minimal room for any errors or delays.

This agreement with Gateway Gulf now means that diverse and redundant routing in addition to its current efficient mode, also includes the World Wide Internet. In addition to the diverse and redundant links, this service will be enhanced by Gateway Gulf’s state-of-the-art Tier 4 Data Centre. The Data Centre will be ensuring high speed, as well as high tech capabilities and security technology, in addition to various other relevant elements enhancing the network quality and reliability. Ultimately, this will create a level of unrivaled efficiency for the both companies’ client networks.