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Who Are We?

Digital technology is the gateway to the rest of the world, and a reliable and tested IT service provider can make a big difference in achieving your business’ true competitive advantage in the market.

Gateway Gulf is your trusted partner in connecting your business to the world and providing you with versatile and secure solutions so you never have to worry about the reliability and security of your IT.


To connect emerging regions of the world in an open access network, and bring greater prosperity to citizens of the world.


To catalyze economic development and bring transformational change to developing economies maintaining neutrality, reliability and the highest level of privacy and security.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Flexibility

    Holistic solutions that can flex and scale with your changing needs Our approach to infrastructure delivers a holistic solution using a breadth of services that allow you to scale up or down as your business requires, while enjoying ready support and with less capital investment.

  • Expertise

    Highly experienced team with the domain expertise and range of services to help you reach your business goals . Our team of experts understands your specific needs as well as the broader infrastructure demands. We have built our own next generation of data centers from the ground up, so we have expert knowledge inherent in the services that we deliver to our customers.

  • Focus

    Carrier Neutral Co-location and Managed Hosting Services, Teleport/Satellite, Internet Exchange With the primary focus of our business to deliver world-class service, our solutions are designed to fully support your business’ needs and enable it to thrive.

We offer a wide range of IT solutions and services tailor fit to your needs.

  • Internet Exchange
    • Internet Transit
    • Bandwith Marketplace
    • Public and Private Peering
  • Teleport Services
    • VSAT Leasing
    • Internet Access
    • DBS

Connectivity does not need to come with a high price.

At Gateway Gulf, we’re bringing your business closer to the world with a unique carrier-neutral internet exchange solution, Tier IV Data Center and Satellite Broadcast/VSAT Teleport – all integrated in one facility and enhanced by cutting-edge managed service.

By doing so, you can focus on your business while we ensure the quality and availability of your IT infrastructure.


We work with leading companies to:

  • Eliminate cost

  • Mitigate risk

  • Maintain and grow revenues