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Value Proposition

We think differently when it comes IT infrastructure.

IT infrastructure is our business. By leveraging on the extensive knowledge and expertise that we offer, your business is in a much better position to gain a competitive advantage in the market that you operate in.

Bringing value to managed IT services

Connectivity often comes with a high price with many companies spending a large amount of time and resources developing their IT infrastructure. Gateway Gulf offers to end the unnecessary cost and burden of running your own IT infrastructure by providing this service for you.

We deliver value by taking away the worry of maintenance and management of your own network, saving your time and money and enabling you to better focus on your core business.

Our Gateway Gulf team supports your business with more “firsts” than any other group and offers a model designed to bring the revolutionary benefits of managed services and reliable connectivity to emerging markets.

  • Carrier Neutrality

    We are the first in the Gulf to build a “Carrier-Neutral” Internet Exchange, offering open access and “peering” agreements to our customers.

  • Integrated Offering

    Gateway Gulf is the first in the region to build an integrated facility, offering IXP, Data Center, Managed Services and commercial Teleport – all in one location.

  • Industry Offering

    We lead in offering network facilities for customers looking to connect mission-critical multi-national operations.

  • Access to Global Market

    Our team is the first in the region to build a Tier-IV Mission-Critical Data Center in the GCC.

Gateway Gulf’s Commitment

  • World Class Facility

    We take pride in our high quality, robust Tier IV facility that allows us to deliver reliable connectivity and the highest level of privacy and security to our clients.

  • One Stop Shop

    We catalyze businesses and economies through our integrated infrastructure facilities and services – from data center, internet exchange, teleport to managed services, – and more.

  • Access to One Global Market

    Gateway Gulf is a global company focused on emerging markets. As such, it is our goal to provide top-notch IT solutions that will synergize multi-national operations and boost local, regional and international linkages through the latest advances in technology.